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Bobbi Horne

Hi, I'm Bobbi Horne. I help people regain their vitality for life with the breakthrough science in cell rejuvenation, sports nutrition and anti-aging technologies from Max International. Max is the global leader in the field of the research and development of Glutathione technology. Not the latest juice, berry or twig of the week ~ our science is backed by more than 25 years of clinical research by one of America's top research scientists, and the world expert in Glutathione.

Bobbi Horne is a graduate of the University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada with a BA degree in Psychology and Sociology.Bobbi's professional background has been in Business Administration/Development in the legal and healthcare industries. She has played an integral role in the launch of several start-up businesses in those industries, serving as Vice President for several companies.When her father was diagnosed with congestive heart failure Bobbi became acutely aware of how little control most people feel they have in their health care. She began researching science-based solutions that were safe and effective and became passionate about empowering others to take control of their health.For five years, Bobbi ran a successful clinical research business in Texas where she came to understand the real need for science-based, non-pharmaceutical solutions to health problems. She has a talent for helping other’s find their way through the “berries, juices, and twigs of the week” and to find real solutions to a healthier life.Through her research in 2009, Bobbi was introduced to a science breakthrough in the field of glutathione that she felt obligated to share with others. She partnered with Max International to educate the masses about how raising glutathione helps cells repair, and restores the vitality, stamina and energy most people are seeking.Bobbi is a recognized public speaker and trainer. She is a founding member of the American Business Women’s Association - West Houston Express Network and has served the group’s President for the past two years.She and her husband, Dan, live in Katy, Texas. They have four grown children and one grandson.

Bobbi Horne's Background

Bobbi Horne's Experience

President at West Houston Express Network, ABWA

August 2010 - August 2011

President-Elect at American Business Women's Association

2009 - 2010

Independent Business Owner at Unicity International

1998 - 2010

Research Administrator at Clinical Researchers of South Texas

July 2002 - December 2007

President, Katy Division at American Heart Association

1999 - 2006

President at West Houston Express Network, ABWA

August 2011

Business Development at Max International

August 2009

I work with the global business expansion team for Max International, a company that markets medical breakthrough products focused on glutathione acceleration. These products bridge the gap between the vitamin industry and the prescription drug industry. Our team also builds business units to work with us on the company's global expansion.

Bobbi Horne's Education

University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada

1969 – 1973


Bobbi Horne's Interests & Activities

Spending time with family and friends ~ Passionate about reading and learning ~ Connecting people ~ Mentoring women in business ~ Playing golf with my husband

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